Supply and installation of large grade trees.

Supply and Planting

We can supply nearly any species, size or grade of tree or shrub to meet your requirements. We will also plant, secure and establish your desired plants whether it is one individual tree or a whole garden that you require. We provide plants for wind shelter, privacy screening, colour in winter, shade in summer and instant gardens wherever you wish. We also install manual or automatic watering systems to ensure that you can maintain the trees and shrubs you have invested in.

Maintenance and deadwooding of large gum tree - Waikanae

Tree management

Pruning maintains the health and vitality of your trees and shrubs throughout their life cycle and this is our primary concern - the health of your trees.

Trees growing in an urban setting present unique management concerns as we have a natural entity growing in an unnatural situation and we therefore have to use unnatural means to control its growth.

People do not have tree problems, trees have people problems.

This is where we can help. By advocating for your trees we can ensure that you can co-exist together, whether you need more light, a better view or a nice spreading tree to sit under in the summer we can ensure that whatever is done will not harm your trees and shrubs giving you the result you desire.

The services that we provide during the life of your tree include:

  • Rose and fruit pruning
  • Form pruning
  • Canopy thinning - light enhancement
  • Height reduction - this does not mean cutting the top off to get more view
  • Deadwooding - important on larger trees from a safety, health and aesthetic viewpoint
  • Size management - "You can't make a big tree small but you can keep a small tree small" - We can prevent your trees and shrubs outgrowing their location by ongoing regular maintenance and pruning
  • Canopy Raising - longest branches are at the base of the tree and by removing these we can increase the amount of light and your view
  • Storm damage - broken, storm damaged branches can be difficult to remove but our team can handle just about anything
  • Gutter Cleaning - when those leaves block the spouting give us a call
  • Hedge Pruning - a difficult job for some but no trouble for us
  • Weed spraying - get that jungle back to looking like a park

Sectional felling of large Acacia over patio area

Tree Removal

Invariably we have to remove trees that have outgrown their environment, or can't be pruned to give the results you want.
We specialise in removing trees...
  • in confined spaces
  • over structures
  • over buildings
  • that are dead or dying
  • in awkward positions - eg. On the side of a cliff
With the latest equipment and techniques we can deal with virtually any situation you may have. Whether it is removal or trees from an internal courtyard or a sycamore growing over a glass house we can help you to manage your trees and shrubs and let you enjoy the space you live in!

Tree Topping - Why we don't

Professional pruning of trees compromises tree health reducing photosynthetic capability and inflicting wounds but it has been shown that removing 10% of the capacity has no significant effect and up to 25% reduction will result in reduction in growth and vitality, but the tree will regain vigour in time

Tree topping is not professional tree pruning!

The topping of trees to an arbitrary height without having regard to branch habit, form or aesthetics can cause:
  • Decay - dieback of stubs, branches.
  • Weakly attached sprouts
  • Dense shading of understory plants
  • Tree stress - due to decay and stability problems
  • Tree starvation
  • Branch failure - all growth can be channeled into remaining branches - structural stress
  • Wind damage - sprouts breaking of in high winds
  • Tree failure - this means it dies - some trees don't survive topping
Topping is an unacceptable practice and can lead to the future failure of the tree - this applies to small trees as well as large ones. Arborists play a role in making compromises between tree health and societal functions and it is our job to ensure that we speak for the health of the tree by providing the best research based information available.

That is why we don't top trees!

And neither should you but let us come and give you advice on what to do to achieve the same outcome for you.


Trees are an important part of the urban and rural environment. They provide many benefits to individuals and communities, some financial, some aesthetic and others esoteric.

Trees always pose a potential risk of causing injury, damage or disruption but that does not mean that we should condemn them all, just to remove that potential. Tree owners have a duty of care to ensure that the potential risk does not become unacceptable and while it is not possible to eliminate all risk associated with trees, it is possible to assess those risks and manage them at a reasonable and acceptable level.

Tree risk assessment involves us in identifying targets likely to be impacted by a failed tree or tree components, assessing the likelihood of failure and the potential consequences, determining the level of risk and, and providing mitigation options.

We will provide you, the tree owner, with this information to enable you to make an informed decision about what action to take, if any, to reduce the potential risk to an acceptable level.

Call us today if you have concerns about your trees and let us supply you with a science based assessment of your trees and the potential risk they may pose to you or your environment.

Do you think this poses a risk?

What about now?

How about this?

Assessing risk in relation to trees is determined by a number of factors including context, as can be seen from the above photo’s, with the risk rating being different for the tree standing in a field or growing over a children’s play area.

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