Preventing damage to house below in high winds by removing deadwood

Weather Considerations

A big consideration that needs to be made in Wellington is the wind. Some plants are very delicate and won't do well in strong Wellington winds

Choosing the right tree for your section

If you want to plant trees on your property it is important to ensure that the trees you want to plant are going to suit the site that you have and that they are planted in the correct locations.


Using grass clippings around the base of your trees will prevent weeds and provide nutrients for acid loving plants such as citrus, camellias and rhododendron species and maintain soil moisture during summer. This is a good way to recycle your grass clippings and save having to dump them. Be sure to leave a gap of 5cm around the base of the plant to prevent weakening of the bark during decomposition. Put on to a depth of at least 10cm and pat or stamp down to remove air and prevent weed seed germination. Leave and repeat every 6 to 8 weeks and your plants will love you for it.

How to remove a branch

tree care tips
  1. 40cm out from the trunk undercut 1/3 diameter of the branch (A)
  2. On top side of the branch, 5cm further away from the trunk than the undercut, cut branch until it snaps off (B)
  3. Cut the stub off the tree just forward of the swelling at the base of the branch (C). This is the branch collar and may not be obvious on some trees.
  4. Do not cut here (D) as this removes the branch collar and the trees's natural defences and creates a large wound that enables pathogens to enter the tree.

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